Finding Your Home in Idaho

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Buying a home is exciting.  The prospect of the "new" brings excitement, joy, and not a little stress.  I've purchased hundreds of homes in my career.  What I'll bring to the table is the calm and well-reasoned advice that is a requirement in what is usually the largest financial decision of your life.  We'll spend time getting to know what's on your "need" list and your "want" list.  Not every house is perfect, but with prioritizing between what you need and what you want we can maximize your dollar, and your satisfaction.  It's impossible to know when that just-right home will pop up, but with diligently searching and all the latest technological tools, we'll find that home together.  


After listing dozens of homes, and selling even more off the MLS, I've developed a process for getting the most out of your home.  Each listing will include a pre-listing consultation to figure out what your house needs to fetch top dollar.  We'll combine that with a comprehensive market analysis to figure out the best way to market your property.  Then, we'll schedule staging, if appropriate, and professional photography.  Your home will be listed in the local MLS and promoted on social media and local investor networks.  My success rate on getting our mutually agreed upon list price is 99.5%.


Put those two above aspects together and you get an agent specially tailored for investors.  From cap rates to landscape bids, I can help you find the answer for your investment goals.  Finding investment properties was my sole task for several years.  I have approved for purchase over 400 properties in Idaho.  Those properties produced over $5,000,000 in gross profits.  From flips to rentals I can help you succeed in real estate investments.  

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