Bitcoin & Real Estate


One of the rules of prudent investing is to be diversified.  Bitcoin, and other crypto-currencies, and real estate are essentially on opposite ends of the asset spectrum. They are good counterweight investments.  Real Estate assets are immovable, unique, and non-fungible.  Because of those traits, they provide a stability which crypto assets do not.  All of the new wealth created with the explosion of crypto currencies should explore diversification strategies for further protection and growth.  Real Estate is the perfect asset class for that goal.

An Evolving Marketplace

Regulators and governmental authorities have not kept pace with the constant changes in cryptocurrencies.  If you're exploring options to diversify your crypto wealth into real estate, I have the bodies of knowledge required to bridge those two marketplaces.  I understand the tax implications for transferring crypto into fiat, I know which lenders will allow that as a source of funds, and what processes there are for using crypto as a payment via escrow.  Additionally, as a licensed real estate agent, I have a professional duty to act in your best interests, which is not a common trait in the maturing crypto-realm.  

Putting Your Crypto to Work in Real Estate

Crypto Commission Structure

I am capable of working 100% in crypto, 100% in fiat, or any ratio of either.  All commissions can be negotiated with a variety of cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, etc.  I aim to be your full service crypto real estate agent who can blend between both markets seamlessly.

Market Knowledge

I have a long career in real estate and am a (relatively) early adopter in the crypto-sphere.  I know how to bridge those worlds to better diversify your holdings.  This market is still in its infancy and is rapidly evolving.  I stay up to date with all new regulations and legislation.  

Crypto as a down payment

Not every lender has the ability to source crypto as a down payment for a home.  I have done that due diligence to find lenders who will allow crypto-to-fiat transfers towards a house purchase.  This will allow you to leverage your new crypto wealth with traditional mortgage financing.